Importance Of Drinking Water

Your body depends on water for survival. Water is essential for optimal health. It is necessary for the proper functioning of every cell, tissue and organ in your body. For example, water serves to cool your body, remove waste products, and lubricate your joints. It is necessary to drink water to rehydrate. When you are dehydrated your body needs more water.

  • In hot weather
  • During strenuous physical activity
  • When you have a headache
  • When you have diarrhea or vomiting 

Improve your physical performance

During intense workouts, you need to drink plenty of water. To stay hydrated and keep enough fluid in your body, drink water. Water, in the form of sweat, keeps you cool during workouts. Lactic acid causes muscle soreness during exercise due to dehydration. Adequate hydration helps your body remove lactic acid from your muscles faster.

Water also helps you recover faster from a workout by preventing your muscles from burning out as quickly.

Prevention of constipation

Lack of water in the stool of the large intestine causes constipation. While you are dehydrated, water is diverted from the colon to hydrate the rest of the body. When you drink less water, your stool becomes dusty, stiff and difficult to move through the intestines. To keep your bowels balanced, make sure you drink enough water.

Prevent headaches

Dehydration causes the brain to contract temporarily due to lack of blood. As a result, the brain pulls back from the skull wall, causing headaches. Keep the possibility of dehydration in mind the next time you have a headache.

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