30 Foods You Can Store For Ages

30 Foods You Can Store For Ages

Every year, we throw away one-third of all food. Millions of meals are lost because food in our cupboards or refrigerators has spoiled.

This incredible statistic is even worse when you consider that much of the food we throw away could still be eaten.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 foods that you can keep for years. Some of them might surprise you!


Crispy white bread fresh from the bakery is a delight. But how often do you buy a loaf of bread only to come back the next day and find that it has become completely hard and inedible? There’s a better way to keep bread fresh longer. Simply cool the bread to room temperature and then wrap it in plastic wrap or a plastic box. To keep it even longer, freeze it immediately in slices and it will retain its flavor for two months.


As with any meat, beef needs to be cooked and stored carefully to avoid unpleasant bacteria. But fresh beef will keep longer than you might think, which means you can keep a few steaks or even a roast in the freezer for unexpected guests! Different cuts of beef have different shelf lives. Steaks can be stored in the freezer for up to a year, and roast beef can also be stored for 12 months. Chops can only be kept for about six months without spoiling. So it’s good to keep this in mind when choosing your fresh meat.


Meat or vegetable broth is a good base ingredient. Add it to stews, make a quick sauce, or add it to pasta for a quick meal. Most people shy away from making their own broth because they think it takes too long and can only be stored in the refrigerator for a day or two. However, you can put vegetable or meat broth in an ice cube tray and it will be ready to use for six months. Just take it out of the bowl and add it to your pan for a quick, no-fuss sauce.


We all know it’s important to eat our five foods a day. But buying fresh vegetables can be expensive if you can’t eat it all in time. Since the best supermarket deals are reserved for bulk purchases, small families or single people are left behind. However, you can peel and cut your vegetables and store them in starred freezer bags for up to a year. It’s also a great way to eat your favorite vegetables out of season.

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